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Social Change Maker & Entrepreneur

Dev Aditya is working to upskill and train a generation of students in Asia and beyond. Previously he has successfully launched a green transportation scheme that serves 30,000 people every year, ran national award-winning inclusivity campaigns in the UK, and developed sustainability models for rural communities.

Dev Aditya is a strong believer in Creativity through experience and works towards long-term high impact social projects through community involvement.

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Upskilling a generation through skills training

In 2018, Dev Aditya and Dr Pauldy Otermans had the vision to upskill millions of students in South Asia who, they discovered, were given no professional skills and life skills training. The region was already facing its highest unemployment rates in decades, and having an untrained workforce would not only mean gloom for the local economy but would result in millions of young people being unemployed for no fault of their own. This gave birth to Otermans Institute; a specialised education research and development firm in London that focuses on providing essential skills training to students in South Asia to significantly improve their employability.

Otermans Institute is contracted by the government to train close to 29,000 students in the Indian state of Uttarakhand along with the thousands of other students they are training in four other states of India and the country of Nepal.  In 2020 Otermans Institute also expanded to Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan.

Dev Aditya aims to upskill 750 million learners by 2025.



Continually updated with the latest projects and information



Launched: 5 July, 2020

The world needs to hear the many heoric and personal stories from the 2020 pandemic. This initiated the project to launch the world's first fully comprehensive anthology from the 2020 pandemic, comprising of 74 authors connected to five continents. This amazon bestseller utilised their collective voice - as the voice of humanity - to continue fundraising to support our frontline services who continue to battle the virus globally.

All funds raised from sale of this bestseller is being donated to health charities and such frontline services.


Launched: 1 May, 2020

While the lockdown gave people time to finally learn essential life skills, it also shut down teaching and training for children. There was limited access to bite-sized self-learning lessons - especially in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. This initiated Lessons for humanity which provided key bite-sized lessons from the Otermans Institute curriculum to continue training students online during the lockdown, and to provide support for mental wellbeing. 

Over 20,000 people have benefited from it since May 2020.


Launched: 7 July, 2020

With schools set to open in August, a vast number of institutions, especially in rural locations of India have no access to sanitisation products - for their children and staff. 

A special provision has been made to provide 1,000 litres of free sanitisers to 200 schools that Dev Aditya works with to make them safer.



The teacher and trainer of tomorrow providing access to a teacher to absolutely anyone and anywhere built using Artificial Intelligence

In 2020, all training provided by Otermans Institute was brought to a grinding halt by the COVID-19 pandemic. To tackle this Dev Aditya at first launched the Lessons for humanity series which was used by 20,000 people at the height of the first lockdown, and then he launched a Digital training series called Project OI Digital Training with the help of many trainers from UK universities like the University of Cambridge, University College London, Birmingham City University, Brunel University London, among others. However it was clear that without a quick technological solution that could bring a teacher or a trainer to learners who needed it the most, such upskilling interventions would not be accessible to millions of learners globally. This expedited his work on creating an artificial intelligence solution to provide Otermans Institute's training to the world and OI AI was born. OI AI is currently being tested in the UK and Nepal. It is also testing its impact on training students in Nepal and BCF United Nations camp in Kurdistan Iraq.

OI AI will  initially be launched to train and upskill people displaced by war or violence and will then aim to disrupt traditional in-person and digital training provisions globally. Today over 500 million learners are displaced by violence or war, and COVID-19 showed us how something can suddenly take 1.3 billion children out of school.

OI AI aims to solve this.



Currently at: Hillingdon, London, United Kingdom


Recent Awards & Recognitions

The Bengal's Pride Award

“Awarded in the House of Commons, UK Parliament for work done to improve and build projects for communities in the UK and in Asia.” 

— September, 2019

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